What is THIRTY all about?
THIRTY...is a FAITH-based mentoring group concept founded by Everette Parker and the Surviving Chance Encounters Non-profit organization team to provide critical instructions and tools for living to our youth. I am looking for 30 dedicated parents/ children for this group. There is NO requirement for your child to be an athlete in this group. I am creating a judgment free group/ environment which only requires motivated, caring parents; and motivated children who have a willingness to learn. THIRTY will meet two Saturday's per month at the designated Surviving Chance Encounters facility at 8:45 AM. Those two Saturday's per month will consist of:
              -Role play
This will take place in a FUN environment which you and your children shall enjoy (which means TOXIC behavior will not be tolerated)! I will challenge your kid... that I can promise. Discipline is a must (your child must be at a responsible age to interact well with others and be held accountable for his or her actions up to age 18).


Registration is $50 for the year (March 18 to March 19) and $10 per month (Save $20 dollars and pay $100 dollars in monthly fees if paying in advance for the entire year) for a total of $170 investment in your child (or $150 if paid in full) and will require a parent permission slip, a current physical, and valid health issurance.

 The break down for fees are as follows:

-Mentoring: Free

-T-shirts: Each member will receive a Surviving Chance Encounters "THIRTY" mentoring group T-Shirt

-Facility fees: Monthly fees for rent

-Snacks: twice per month during our sessions

-Speakers/ Tours/ outside venues:


As my Grandma would say... "You can't beat that with a bat!" First Come, First Serve up to 30... Please share the Word and inbox me if you are onboard!

Our Core Values:
Faith, Community, and Service!
Proven Mentoring Techniques Developed over 25 Years in the US Navy...
Mentoring Sailors onboard USS Gonzalez (February 2018)
Retired Navy Command Master Chief Petty Officer Everette Parker providing mentorship instructions to Sailors onboard USS Gonzalez (Warship 66) during Black History Month 2018.

To Begin the Registration process...

Simply fill out the information below and you will be hearing from us shortly.